The Northern California rock band Fornis was born in 2014 as a 4 piece rocknroll/punk/ powerpop outfit playing the foothills bar and club scene around Auburn.  The music began as 3 minute sing along, oldies and punk derived power pop written by frontman Todd Pittman ( formerly of the Duodenums and Pruno ) in hopes of accommodating a vocal group, perhaps to form a modern day heavy doo wop rock band.  Songs like Blacked Out and About, Cemetery Nights and Kevorkian reflect the bubble gum influence and structure Fornis originated with.  As time passed and practices and shows started adding up, the material began to show another face.  One a bit heavier, one with a more dynamic structure. One not afraid to stray from the familiar groove already being polished.  Dynamics were being cultivated.  A new edge was appearing.   Could it be because a vocal trio never showed up?  Maybe.  Could it be because KeyDragon (formerly of 9th Wave, Aftershock and Dry Rot ) was now being asked to play key bass on top of synth and keys because the bass player bailed and that the music would now be influenced substantially more by synth and keys? Yes.  Did Fornis grab Rob Bingham (formerly of Pruno and Mercy Should Hurt) to hammer on drums because it became apparent a huge sound was being born necessitating a huge drummer? Yes.  And there needed to be a more dire, relentless approach to the beat and an updated idea of what the music was becoming.. YES!!  Here it is

2020,  over 100 shows around California and Nevada, 2 full length albums, 2 EPs and a brand new single.  Fornis is a 3 piece rock band that generates a ton of sound.  Fornis is epic and dynamic rhythmically punk/rocknroll, and structurally anything rock. Fornis is melodically sing along oldies bubble gum rocknroll,  and sonically,  new wave synth and punk guitar snarl.  Fornis is hard and heavy hitting, pounding rock and a swallowing low end. Fornis is autobiographical, non fiction love stories, of regret and guilt, science fiction psychosis and deeply pondering today and tomorrow. Fornis is having fun doing it.

Todd Pittman

// vocals // guitar

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Rockin Rob Bingham

// drums

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Key Dragon

// keyboards


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