All songs written and copyrighted by Don Fornis



Hey Mikey, I don't want your milk and cookies

I traveled around this dirty old town with a watering mouth, baby makes me drool

I'll do what I can to get a hold of that ham, season up the clam so good

Won't you say you'll promise, although you know how wrong it is, that you'll join me too

Because there's nothing as sad as sitting home all alone with propanol at a table for two


It's hard on you and it's hard on me too

Half the time I don't believe you

But Bobby's little baby she needs you

But Bobby Popadopolous don't

 It's hard on you and it's hard on me

half the time I don't beleve

what Bobby's little baby she see's in 

Bobby Popadopolous though


You better count each shiver before they're all used up.  Every readied whisper, every simple one

Can we prolong the past?  Or is it now

Tried to decipher the code, but it was too loud

If you've knowledge of this, won't you please show me how

So it's come down to this, which way to fall

It can be hard to resist nothing at all

Compelled to run so soon, but you never learned how to crawl

As we try and we try for one more sigh

The breath that you siphon today should always suffice

Draw it out as we try for an endless night


The fat hog man wants to take me to jail

My momma says I'm goin straight to hell

I'm just an average, everyday man

5 good years each one of them fine

I don't know why it's wasted time but,

I'm just an average everyday man

Let me tell you she forced me out of my home

All the while there's nothing wrong

Oh God, oh God it's so hard to tell



With a hint of hesitation I'll say, but only say what I mean when curiosity comes my way, I don't pay for the treatment.  I just followed my heart through the day, as the days kept repeating, as my reasons for being alive, became reasons for bleeding

 Awaiting one, and I'll wait so long, interpret the meaning of loss, and I'm left with none

Awaiting one, and I wait so long, interpret the meaning of love and I'm left with some

And your left with something near your ear, by the back of your head, makes you realize all the things you said could be wrong.  A different perspective I've learned to acquire, separates the means and the truth from a liar and it's wrong, in a song